What we cover in the Weighless Program (our Curriculum)

One of the questions we frequently get about the Weighless program is what exactly we cover in our 52-week curriculum.  A year is a long time; we have time to get into virtually every possible aspect of weighing less–from the biochemistry to the logistics to the all-important head game.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of our curriculum.

Weeks 1-13: The Weighless Method

We spend the first three months of the program mastering the basic tenets of the Weighless approach:

  • Collecting data
  • Setting appropriate goals
  • Connecting to what motivates us
  • Eating and movement patterns
  • Planning tools and techniques
  • Lifestyle design
  • Habit formation

Weeks 14-26: Weighless Skills

As we move into the second quarter, we start to refine and customize our strategies, including:

  • Meal timing
  • Exercise strategies
  • Sleep patterns
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Managing appetite
  • Dealing with cravings
  • Assessment
  • Problem solving
  • Prioritization

Weeks 27-52: Weighless Living

The third phase of the curriculum focuses on skills and strategies that help us stay on track long term. In addition to working more deeply on all of the above, we dig into:

  • Stress management
  • Cognitive distortions
  • Lapses and relapses
  • Recognizing ego defenses
  • Identifying and defusing triggers
  • Unsupportive environments
  • Social pressures
  • Managing disruptions (vacations, holidays, illnesses, injuries)
  • Learning to indulge without overindulging
  • Tapping into sustainable sources of motivation
  • Creating comfort and pleasure
  • How to learn from and recover from setbacks

As you can see, it is a robust, comprehensive and exhaustive curriculum. But the most important thing is not all that you know by the end of the year. It’s the opportunity to put these tools into practice, to get support when you fail, and to build a self-sustaining system.

If you’re ready to dig in, dig deep, and finally become someone who weighs less, we can’t wait to work with you.

Details on enrolling in our next year-long program are here.


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