8 Ways to Know Whether Weighless is Right for You

Maybe you’re still on the fence, wondering whether or not it’s right or you.

And we don’t blame you for for having doubts. It’s a big commitment we’re making to each other. How can you be sure it’ll pay off?

Here’s the truth: The Weighless Program isn’t right for everyone.

If you’ve attended one of our free workshops, watched the interviews with our past members, read through all the testimonials, and combed through the enrollment page, then by now you’ve probably got a pretty good idea what we do.

But if you’re STILL not feeling like you have the confidence to pull the trigger … we want to make this decision a bit easier for you.

We want to help you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, whether this program can help you finally leave behind the yo-yo dieting cycle and become someone who weighs less.

8 Ways to Know Whether Weighless is Right For You

1. Solving this problem is important to you. This needs to be something you really want for yourself and not because someone else, like your doctor, spouse, kids, or society, thinks you should care about.

2. You’re willing to try a different approach (after all, how is the old approach working for you?)

3. You want something that’s grounded in science and not hype, woo, or magical thinking.

4. You’re ready to take a closer look at the ingrained patterns keeping you stuck

5. You’re willing to take ownership of the process. Don’t worry: you won’t be alone, we are there to guide you. But this is ultimately your journey.

6. You’re willing to make your health a priority. Even if that means that others in your life might have to step up.

7. You can commit 30 minutes a week.  We know life can get crazy. But if you can set aside 30 minutes each week, you can reap the rewards.

8. You’re OK with losing weight more slowly in exchange for never having to lose it again.  We’ve been trained to expect fast weight loss.  But the truth is, slower weight loss is easier on you, your body, your metabolism, and far more sustainable. (Plus, you actually look better faster.)

If you feel you can say Yes to all (or even most) of these questions, we would love to have you join us.

Details for enrolling in our next year-long program are here.


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