The hidden cost of an unmet goal

How long have you been wanting to lose some weight? To feel good about your body? To have a less fraught relationship with food?

A lot of people I know have been struggling with these issues for much of their adult lives. They’ve cycled through periods of concerted action and long stretches of inertia.  A new program or commitment works for a while and they make some progress.  Maybe they even briefly reach their goal, whether that’s a certain number on the scale or sticking with a regimen for a given period of time.

But somehow, it doesn’t last. Something throws them off their routine. Old habits reassert themselves. And eventually, the success or progress slips away. Until they realize that they are back where they started, with the same unmet goal.

It’s exhausting to carry around a goal that we never get any closer to. To have a problem that we can’t solve–or that won’t stay solved. To make the same resolution over and over again.

It’s demoralizing.   And it costs us in other ways as well.

Too often, we end up putting other goals on hold. Maybe you’d love to update your wardrobe, or switch jobs, or book a bucket list vacation.  But you defer taking action on any of those dreams. Because it seems like everything would be more possible, would make more sense, if you weren’t so exhausted and demoralized by this unsolved problem.

We created the Weighless program to help people solve their unsolvable problem, to help them finally reach that perpetually unmet goal.  We do this by showing them how to harness and control their Attention, Intention, and Action (you MUST leverage all three) to change their mind, their body, and their life. Not only does this help them weigh less without dieting, this method often helps them solve other problems and achieve other goals.

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But in the meantime, even if you’re not 100% happy with your body or your relationship with food right now, stop deferring your other dreams.

Buy a new outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks.  Submit that resume. Put down a deposit on that dream vacation.  For one thing, you deserve to realize your dreams. What's more, pursuing a worthy goal often has the somewhat magical effect of making progress on other fronts more possible.

What have you got to lose?