The #1 thing holding you back?

Last week, I took a poll, asking people what was keeping them from making progress toward their goal.  The #1 thing people said was holding them back?

Lack of motivation.

Well, at least it wasn’t lack of will power. I think we’ve FINALLY started to come to grips with the fact that more willpower is not the answer.

But we still think that motivation is. If we were just motivated enough, change would happen. This is magical thinking.

Motivation isn’t like a motor on your bike that lets you zoom up hills without even pedaling. It’s more like the lower gear on your bike that makes the pedals a bit easier to push when you hit that hill. But pedaling is still required.

Being motivated doesn’t spare you the need to take action. It just makes taking (consistent) action a little easier.

How to Motivate Yourself

Stop waiting or wishing for more motivation.  This is something you have to create (and recreate) for yourself. In this three part video series, I walk you through the steps:

Motivation: Knowing what you want and why

What will it take to get what you want?

Being willing to do what it takes