Sick of obsessing about what you eat?
Tired of counting, weighing, measuring?
Ready for a normal relationship with food?

Join me for a 7-day mindset reset

10 minutes a day is all it takes
to ditch the dieter's mindset for good. 

Every day for the next 7 days, we'll weed out another unhelpful thought... and plant the seeds for your new Weighless Mindset. 

(Materials are provided in audio and text: choose your best learning style!) 


Day 1 - The key you've been missing

Unhelpful thoughts about food and dieting (aka Dieter's Mindset) actively work against sustainable weight loss. All the nutrition and exercise tips in the world aren't going to help until you deal with those. 


Day 2 - How much will you enjoy? 

When we shift from “How much can I have?” to “How much will I enjoy?” we take back our authority over what we want and need. We stop thinking like dieters and start thinking like people who weigh less.


Day 3 - How to bounce back when you slip

The Dieter’s Mindset trains us to give-up as soon as we slip-up. Whereas the Weighless Mindset is to see slip-ups as just part of the process.


Day 4 - It's OK to enjoy food

 Instead of a Dieter’s Mindset that uses food to delay, avoid, or reward, we’re moving into the Weighless Mindset of seeing food as a source of nourishment and (yes!) pleasure.


Day 5 - The right choice

 Instead of seeing foods as good or bad (and seeing ourselves as good or bad based on what we choose), the Weighless Mindset allows us to choose what’s right for us in that moment or situation.


Day 6 - Work in progress

In the Weighless mindset, we accept ourselves exactly how we are, even while we are working on making positive changes. Because life doesn’t begin when you reach your goal weight. It begins today.


Day 7 - Just the beginning

As you continue to practice the Weighless mindset, making healthy choices gets easier and easier.  Your mindset is the most powerful predictor of your success… and it is 100% within your control!  

Start each day with your 10-minute reset and feel the effects all day long.


When the week is done, you'll have access to the materials as long as you like to review and refresh. 

Don't spend one more day trapped in a Dieter's Mindset
Join me for a FREE 7-day Mindset Reset

You'll get access to your first reset immediately.  

(Provided  in video, audio and text: choose your best learning style!) 

Our Weighless members tell us that that finally achieving that shift in mindset improves their lives even more than the pounds they lose!

Here’s what we regularly hear from them (and can’t wait for you to experience):

I no longer feel out of control with food.

I lost weight even on vacation, and I enjoyed myself the whole time.

I’m no longer afraid of special events like holidays or weddings

“I have lost weight, obviously, but more important is the perspective, skills. and confidence I have gained. For the first time in my whole life I don't feel like I'm my own worst enemy. I'm proud of myself.”

Ready to experience the difference mindset can make? 

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Monica Reinagel, MS, LDN

 I've  been helping people create healthier lives for more than 15 years through my Nutrition Diva podcast, books, online coaching programs and in-person workshops. As a licensed and board-certified nutritionist, my approach is grounded in science but is also practical and realistic. 

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