Freedom to Choose Vs. Rules to Obey

One of the things that makes our approach different is that we don’t tell you what to do. We don’t give you a list of foods you’re not allowed to have. We don’t give you a meal plan or a workout routine We don’t tell you how many points or calories you’re allowed to have, or how many steps you have to register before you’re allowed to go to bed.

Instead, we teach you how to align your choices with your goals. How to observe your experience–and your results–and adjust accordingly.

It’s enormously freeing. But for people who are used to diets and programs based on rules and restrictions, this can be unfamiliar…and uncomfortable.

“Too much freedom makes me feel out of control,” one of our newer members just said.

Can you relate? We THINK we just want someone to tell us what to do. To set rules and limits for us to obey. Which works…until it doesn’t.

We confuse having someone else making all the decisions with being “in control.” Having the freedom to decide what we (really) want feels too scary…at first.

But hear this:  When you have no freedom, you are not in control.  Taking control means taking responsibility. But it also offers true freedom.

Does the idea of having practices instead of rules feel scary or exciting to you?