Sick of not making progress? Let’s fix that

If you're like most of the people I work with, you're tired of trying to solve this problem.  You'd rather be spending your time and energy on better things! But all your efforts seem to fizzle out. It's just too hard.  [Skip to assessment]

I am SO glad you're here -- because this is a problem I know how to solve.  I’ve helped hundreds of people escape the endless cycle of chronic, yo-yo dieting -- and get to a healthy weight that they can actually sustain.

What’s the secret to finally cracking the code?

  • Mindfulness?
  • Meal Planning?
  • Impulse control?
  • Becoming less sedentary?
  • Self-care?
  • Finding support?


All of these things are part of the recipe for success. And yes, it’s a lot to juggle. But here's the thing: You’re probably better at some of these than others.

What if you knew exactly what to focus on?

What if you could confidently invest your energy on the things that will make the biggest difference? Wouldn’t that feel a lot easier?

And just imagine seeing your efforts translate into actual progress. Think how much easier it will be to keep going!

That’s exactly what this assessment is designed to do.

This is a scientifically-validated assessmentthat will score your current abilities and tendencies in six different categories associated with successful weight management.  It'll take about 3 minutes to complete.

Then, we'll use that information to create a customized action plan for you.  You’ll get a complete report of your results, along with suggestions on where to focus your attention--so that you can make more progress more quickly.

The assessment is completely private. Your results will not be shared with anyone (but you, of course). I’ll send your results by email so that you have them for future reference. And I'll also share some additional resources to help support you.  Of course, you can unsubscribe from any email with a single click.

1Assessment developed and validated by Kushner,  Choi, and Burns, Patient Education and Counselling, Dec. 2016, vol. 99, no. 12, pp: 2018-2025.

Ready to jump-start your progress?

For each statement, select the answer that best matches your level of agreement. For best results, think about your typical thought and behavior patterns when you are NOT following a specific diet or program.

(We’ll see you on the other side!)

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