Willpower challenged?  We made this just for you.     

Yes, even you  can learn to: 

  • effectively control cravings        
    • easily ignore temptations                 
      • end emotional and mindless eating

Hi! We are Brock Armstrong and Monica Reinagel, co- creators of the Weighless program.  

Learning how to manage urges and control impulses is one of the key skills that we teach in our year-long coaching program. 


We've taught thousands of people how to stop mindless, impulsive, and emotional eating.  Now, we've collected those proven strategies and tools and created a self-paced, mini-course just for you.

Here's what's included:


Module 1 - Hacking your habitat

How to engineer your work and home environments to reduce triggers, remove temptations, and reinforce healthy habits. 


Module 2 - Hunger games

Learn how to recognize your body's cues, manage hunger, deal with urges, and start feeding your body instead of your habits.


Module 3 - Cutting cravings down to size

Understand where cravings originate and learn how to quickly reduce their intensity


Module 4 - Eating in response to stress

 Learn how to modulate your physical and emotional stress responses and stop self-soothing with food.


Module 5 - Dismantling rationalizations

Investigate the cultural expectations, ingrained programming, and subconscious thoughts that cause overeating in certain situations


Module 6 - Harnessing our thoughts

Discover the hidden scripts that are driving your poor eating decisions and create more a constructive inner dialog.


Module 7 - Dealing with triggers

Identify the unique cues and circumstances that cause you to depart from your plan and develop strategies to anticipate and diffuse them. 


Module 8 - Eating out

Learn how to maximize your enjoyment without sacrificing your goals, as well as strategies for travel and eating on the go.


Bonus Module - Weighless on Vacation

Additional materials to help you prepare for and navigate vacations and special occasions for maximum enjoyment without consequences.

Each module is provided in both audio and text format.

PLUS: a library of worksheets, cheatsheets, and additional resources

Your access to these materials will never expire so you can return to review and refresh as often as you like.

This program has made me more aware of certain habits which I have forever been been trying to curb. My eating HAS changed for the better and I am making better choices and not mindlessly eating "stuff."

Patricia E.

This is the first time that the change feels sustainable.  I don’t feel that I need to deny myself things because I am not on a diet….. I can eat indulgent things on special days, and then get back on my “normal” eating the next day.  

Lauren N.

I was afraid to go to the grocery store because  I had no control.  Fast forward to today where the grocery store holds no fear for me thanks to this program.  I routinely walk past food that once had so much power over me. 

Terri  j.

Ready to finally take control? 

The Impulse Control Skill Builder is just $149

You'll get access to the entire program immediately.  Work through at your own pace and return as often as you like. Your access will never expire.

Note: This mini-course is excerpted from our year-long Weighless Program.  If after completing this course , you'd like to join the full program, we'll be happy to apply the entire cost of this course to your enrollment. 

Your Weighless Coaches

Monica Reinagel

 Monica has been helping people create healthier lives for more than 15 years through her Nutrition Diva podcast, books, online coaching programs and in-person workshops. As a licensed and board-certified nutritionist, her approach is grounded in science but is also practical and realistic. Monica is also a former professional opera singer.

Brock Armstrong

 Brock is a certified fitness coach with more than a decade of experience working with people of all fitness levels. He believes that the real value of fitness is rooted in the basics of daily movement itself. Brock is also a Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practitioner and former professional ballet dancer.

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