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Can't figure out...

...Why you’re still struggling, despite having committed to diet after diet?
...Why achieving  a healthy weight continues to feel out of reach?
...What it actually takes to weigh less?

mindset is the key you've been missing

Sure, what you eat and how you move is important. But diets and exercise alone will never lead to the permanent transformation you’re  seeking - as long as you remain locked in a dieter’s mindset.

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Shifting from a dieter's mindset to a Weighless Mindset is the key that will help you start living your life as someone who weighs less.  (Which is so much more fun being someone who is always trying to lose weight.)

Our Weighless members tell us that that finally achieving that shift in mindset improves their lives even more than the pounds they lose! Here’s what we regularly hear from them (and can’t wait for you to experience):

I no longer feel out of control with food.

I lost weight even on vacation, and I enjoyed myself the whole time.

I’m no longer afraid of special events like holidays or weddings

I have lost weight, obviously, but more important is the perspective, skills. and confidence I have gained. For the first time in my whole life I don't feel like I'm my own worst enemy. I'm proud of myself.

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Your Weighless Coaches

Brock Armstrong is a certified fitness coach who has more than a decade of experience working with people of all fitness levels to increase their strength, mobility, and ability to enjoy life to the fullest. He believes that the real value of fitness is rooted in the basics of daily movement itself. Brock is also a former professional ballet dancer.

Monica Reinagel has been helping people create healthier lives for more than 15 years through her Nutrition Diva podcast, books, online coaching programs and in-person workshops. As a licensed and board-certified nutritionist, her approach is grounded in science but is also practical and realistic. Monica is also a former professional opera singer.

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