Learn From Two of The Top Health Experts Online, Board-Certified Nutritionist Monica Reinagel and Certified Fitness Coach Brock Armstrong!

This special podcast series is no longer available.

Please check out our updated and expanded series:

The 50,000 Mile Tune Up

About Your Hosts

Monica Reinagel

 Monica a licensed and board-certified nutritionist who has been helping people create healthier lives for more than 15 years. Her approach evidence based and grounded in science--but is also practical and realistic.  Monica is the host of the Nutrition Diva podcast, co-host of the Change Academy podcast and co-creator of the Weighless Program. She's also a former professional opera singer.

Brock Armstrong

 Brock is a certified fitness coach and cognitive behavior therapy practitioner with more than a decade of experience working with people of all fitness levels to increase their strength, mobility, and ability to enjoy life to the fullest.  Brock is co-host of the Change Academy podcast, and co-creator of the Weighless Program. He is also a former professional ballet dancer.