"I've tried absolutely everything to lose weight.
Nothing worked...until this."

It's Time to Ditch the Diets for Good

Whether you are just trying to lose that last ten pounds...or perhaps a bit more...you've been unhappy with your weight for a while.

You've tried all kinds of diets and programs--and you're always on the lookout for the next thing, the one that will finally be the THE solution.

So you jump from thing to thing. Sometimes, you manage to lose a few pounds. But then your focus slips and the weight loss slows...and eventually the number on the scale starts to creep back up.

Meanwhile, years are going by. Despite the fact that you've been trying to lose weight for longer than you can remember, you're not getting thinner. You may even be gaining a pound or two a year.

Gesina Kunkel of happyveganfit.de

It's enough to make you want to scream. Or cry.

The thought of of going on yet another diet is exhausting. Especially when there's so much conflicting advice.

Some people seem to have figured it out. Why can’t you?

The biggest difference between you and people who seem to effortlessly maintain a healthy weight isn’t willpower, discipline, or motivation.

The difference is this: They know how to weigh less. 

Instead of trying to cram their life into the confines of the latest diet or exercise craze, they have adopted a set of effortless, sustainable habits that allow them to weigh less while living their real life

  • If you’re fed up with being told you that only THIS diet or THAT exercise plan will get you results…
  • If you’re frustrated with quick-fix juice cleanses and punishing boot camps that might melt pounds quickly but are completely unsustainable…
  • If you’re OVER being told that you just need more discipline, willpower or motivation…

We’re so glad you found us. Because we can help you…

Change your mind  Change your body • Change your life 

What could you create in your life if you no longer had to obsess about diet, exercise and losing weight? 

  • A new career that excites and challenges you?
  • A deeper connection with loved ones?
  • A hobby that fills you with joy?

How would you feel if your body stabilized at a healthy, ideal weight?

  • Healthy and strong
  • Confident and attractive
  • Light and free

What is the cost of not figuring this out?

  • Continued (or worsening) health problems
  • More years of your life lost to dieting
  • The incessant internal monologue that you're weak, unmotivated, or a failure
  • Constant feeling of deprivation and misery

Weighless is The Answer You've Been Looking For.

What is Weighless?

(TL:DR? Here's a super quick summary.)

Weighless is evidence-based. We use:

  • Our extensive knowledge of the latest nutritional and exercise science to help you weigh less.
  • A rigorous, original curriculum and proprietary tools that have helped hundreds of people weigh less. You can’t get access to this work anywhere else!

Weighless is an intensive, personalized program. You get:

  • The professional guidance of two expert coaches
  • The fierce support of a close-knit private community
  • A full year to make the mindset and habit shifts to become a person who weighs less

Weighless is designed to work within your everyday life (rather than taking it over). That means:

  • No rigid meal plans or workout regimens
  • No counting calories, measuring foods, or eating special bars or shakes
  • No gnawing on celery sticks instead of foods you enjoy

  • No awkward explanations at professional events
  • No forcing yourself to spend hours on the treadmill or at the gym
  • No deprivation on vacation

Weighless members:

  • End the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting
  • Remake their relationship with food and exercise
  • Create lifelong healthy habits
  • Deepen their self-confidence
  • Discover the freedom of being someone who weighs less

Welcome to your weighless life.

As a physician who has always struggled with my own weight, I've tried many approaches over the years, and the Weighless program has been the most successful and has simply made the most sense, based on the way the body and the mind work.

To be healthier, we have to change a lifetime of habits. Monica and Brock give us actionable steps, one at a time, that help us feel better about living better.  This led to changes in my behaviors that I now want to continue, rather than looking forward to the end of self-deprivation.  I couldn't be happier with my own progress this year or the road ahead: slow weight loss--the best kind--and feeling good about myself.

-John H.-

Does Weighing Less Without Dieting Sound Appealing?

In Weighless, you'll learn to:

  • Lose weight at a pace that maximizes fat loss and preserves your metabolism
  • Make healthy eating easier and more enjoyable
  • Calibrate your food intake to your needs
  • Enjoy foods you love without guilt
  • Add more movement to your life (even if you don't have time to exercise)
  • Moderate your appetite
  • Diffuse triggers that lead to overeating
  • Stay on track even when vacationing or under stress
  • Feel confident in your ability to maintain your new lower weight

After my last failed yo-yo diet, I vowed to myself that I will never go on a "diet" again. With the Weighless approach, I have effortlessly gone down a pant size! I don't feel any pressure and I don't think about food so much. Thank you!

-Celia M.-

It has been well more than a year since I completed this program, and through lots of chaotic twists and turns, what I learned here has never left me. I am such a happier, healthier person. So much gratitude to Monica, Brock, and all my amazing "classmates". This program changed my life.

-Lisa C.-

A Year Long Program that Delivers Permanent Results

Yes, it’s a big commitment we’re making to each other. But this is a big thing we’re doing. We’re not just changing the size of your body. We’re rewiring your brain, resetting your metabolism and revamping your lifestyle.

Studies prove that people engaged in a long-term behavioral program such as Weighless lose more weight and have greater improvements in their health than those who diet for short periods of time … and ultimately spend less on weight loss and medical care.

And because this is not a race to the finish, it’s possible to have fun and enjoy the ride.

I’ve never been able to find a balance. It was either deprivation or over-indulgence. After learning about Weighless, I decided to try something different. I am THRILLED with the program. I have seen changes on the scale, but more importantly in how my body looks and feels in my clothes. I don't feel deprived - AT ALL. And I know this is something I can sustain for the rest of my life.

-Cheryl J.-

Meet Your Weighless Coaches

Monica Reinagel

Board-certified Nutritionist

Monica has been helping people create healthier lives for more than 15 years through her Nutrition Diva podcast, books, online coaching programs and in-person workshops. As a licensed and board-certified nutritionist, her approach is grounded in science but is also practical and realistic. Monica is also a former professional opera singer.

Brock Armstrong

Certified Fitness Coach

Brock is a certified fitness coach with more than a decade of experience working with people of all fitness levels to increase their strength, mobility, and ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Through his Get-Fit Guy podcast he teaches that the real value of fitness is rooted in the basics of daily movement itself, not in how much weight you lift or how far you run. Brock is also a former triathlete and professional ballet dancer.

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Is Weighless Right For You?

Weighless is right for you if:

  • You’re ready to start living your life NOW, instead of putting it off until you reach your goal weight.
  • You’re tired of the endless dieting and want to invest your time and energy in something that’s proven to work.
  • You’re brave enough to take a closer look at the ingrained patterns keeping you stuck, and are willing to try something new.
  • You’re motivated to change your life for the better and prepared to make your health a priority.

Weighless is NOT right for you if:

  • You just want to take off ten pounds in a hurry.
  • You aren’t willing to prioritize your health.
  • You’re still convinced that you just need to find the “right” diet, trick or formula.
  • You don’t want to have to make any decisions or take ownership of your health
  • You just want somebody to tell you what to do.

Our next group begins on April 9th

Enrollment for the Weighless program only opens once or twice a year. And we’re committed to keeping the group small enough that we can provide the kind of personalized attention and support our members deserve. If you are ready to truly commit to this transformational process, we'd love to have you with us when we begin on April 9th. 

I am amazed at how much the Weighless program has affected my thinking. In my diet mindset, I had to find the perfect time to "start" a diet....there could not be a wedding, party, or holiday around the corner. I now see that life is full of special occasions and you need to learn to navigate them and take them in stride. I can't say enough good things about my new attitude.

-Ellen C.-

Your Weighless Toolkit

The Weighless program is a robust, cumulative curriculum carefully designed to change your mindset around food and movement and create true transformation. 

We've developed a set of proprietary, research-based tools that you can only get inside this program.

The Weighless Method

The daily practices that form a foundation you can come back to again and again as weighing less becomes your new normal.

Weighless Skills 

A deeper dive into mindfulness, meal timing, sleep habits, exercise routines, movement practices, and food choices to refine and customize your approach.

Weighless Living

Explore mindset obstacles, strengthen your habits, expand your skillset and be supported as you navigate through challenges, 

Weighless First Aid

Specific strategies to deal with holidays, vacations, setbacks, and special circumstances.

I have tried every single diet plan, read every single book and did everything else that most dieters do. Nothing's ever succeeded for more than a few days. Weighless is simply the *BEST*. I am beyond thrilled!! And I know we’re only just beginning. Sincere thanks for a healthier, happier me.

-Manju S.-

Here's What's Included:

Professional guidance and coaching for an entire year

Weekly programming to guide you toward your goals

Monthly live coaching calls

Proprietary tools to keep you on track

Support of a private online community

Freedom from a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and frustration

Unlike other programs where you wobble from failure to success and back to failure—Weighless catches you BEFORE you fall. Continued support from Monica and Brock, along with an amazing toolbox of resources and an amazing community will empower you, make all the difference.

-Judy S.-

Step into Your Weighless Life

You’re ready to leave behind a life of food drama and create your Weighless life. We couldn’t be more excited for you!

And if you're thinking that an intensive, high-touch program like this must cost $200-$300/month, we've got a very pleasant surprise for you. 

Your entire year of programming, coaching, and support in the Weighless program is just $1197 (Payment plan is available).

Interested in doing Weighless with another member of your household? Email us for details.

For less than you're spending on your daily latte, you'll get access to:


highly credentialed and experienced coaches 100% committed to your success


live group coaching calls to help you overcome obstacles


focused weekly sessions, building your personalized toolkit of skills and strategies to help you weigh less for good


days of on-demand connection, inspiration, and support from your professional coaches and fellow community members

It all adds up to a transformational year that will change your life forever.

If you could guarantee that you never had to buy another diet book or program again; could slash your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes; and could live the rest of your life as someone who weighs less - what would that be worth?

If you knew that you were setting a healthy example for your kids, creating the confidence to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, and increasing your chances of living a long and healthy life - what would that be worth?

We’re betting it’s far more than this  one-time investment in your Weighless future.

Our next group begins on April 9th and group size is limited. 

If you’re ready to transform your life, click above to claim your spot

I will never go back to a diet again! Thank you for helping me change my life for the better.

-Stacie C.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't eat meat (or dairy or wheat or whatever). Will I be able to follow the program?

Will we get meal plans?

Does the program include exercise?

Does the program provide one-on-one coaching?

How much time will the program take each week?

Will I have to buy anything else?

Still have questions? Send us an email.

The Weighless Promise

This approach has a well-established track record of success, but your results will ultimately depend on the choices you make. Although we cannot promise that you will lose a specific amount of weight, we promise to be with you every step of the way and to do everything in our power to help you succeed. Please note that enrollment fees (including unpaid installments) are non-refundable.  (Here's why.)

This is probably also a good time to mention something we’re sure you know: Although it is facilitated by licensed, certified health professionals, this program does not constitute medical advice or treatment nor does it take the place of advice from a qualified health professional familiar with your unique situation. We urge you to seek appropriate treatment for any physical or mental health concerns that you experience before, during, or after this program.